Podalida is a place which never existed.
This atlantic island was discovered by two venetian brothers, Nicoló and Antonio Zeno in the other half of the 14th century during their voyages to the northern regions of Europe.
Assume that the Venetians were told a lot they believed and that the chart is both an image and an imagination, believable or not. In 1998 the Swedish producer Eric M Nilsson made the film "The Man From Podalida" about language and identity. The character, Pierre, talks a non existing language, Podalidian. Julia Kristeva, in her book "Etrangers à nous-mêmes" ( Strangers For Ourselves) pointed out the outcast´s roll i sociality, the roll of the stranger as a person creating identity for the others.
Podalida still exists somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.
In spring 1945, my young biological father died in a submarine in the North Atlantic region, targeted by an allied torpedo, perhaps near the Podalidian coast. This project is a reconstruction of the imaginary identity of Podalida.
A Regional Map of North America, Greenland, Engronelant, Grolandia, Islanda, Iceland, Novegia, Norway, Estland, Shetland Islands, Icaria, Frisland, Faroe Islands, Estotiland, Labrador, Drogeo, Newfoundland, New England, Podalida (10.), Scocia, Scotland, North America. Courtesy to http://etc.usf.edu/maps

... maybe a podalida coast map,90 x 90, oil on wood / 1965 / by Wolfgang Peter Menzel